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제 목 : Structured Codes for Wireless Networks
연 사 : Dr. Song-Nam Hong, Ericsson Research, San Jose, USA
내 용 :
 Lattice codes under lattice decoding achieve the capacity of the poin-to-point Gaussian channel and the diversity-multiplexing tradeoff of quasi-static MIMO point-to-point channels.

In this talk, we consider more general Gaussian networks as broadcast relay network, multiple access relay network and multihop multiflow network. These can be regarded as the information theoretical models corresponding to downlink cloud  radio access network(C-RAN), uplink C-RAN, and device-to-device (D2D) communications, respectively. For such models, we present new transmission  framework that consists of local coding and network-wise coding. It is remarkable that the proposed two-stage scheme has much lower decoding complexity than the other schemes directly applied to original Gaussian networks. Finally, it is shown that the proposed scheme outperforms the other state-of -the-art information theoretical schemes for some interesting wireless network models.